Saturday, February 25, 2012

we are in the new place!

We have been working and trying to get the new place ready.  I have posted some before and afters. 
 Here is a before.  The family room was missing some trim work and I didn't like the chopped up feel with the different colors.  I knew right away that I wanted to paint the shelves white.  Eventually we will work on the fireplace mantle but for now it will do.
 Another before shot.  The windows were a door to the backyard several owners ago, but for some reason they closed them up and now they are an odd collection of windows, highlighted by the blue it made them stand out way to much!
 Here is an after.  We painted and added the missing trim. (that was a theme throughout the entire house)  We plan on doing away with  the entertainment unit & mounting a tv on the fireplace... but that's down the line.
 another view of the freshly painted window.  I like the white it brings a little more unity to the space and it's a perfect little place for reading.
 This is the entry way.  They had this nasty carpet in such a high traffic area.
 Here is the new space with new paint and tile.
Another view of the entryway into the kitchen.  I added the scripture.
The house is a work in progress.  We only took  one week off to get the house move it ready and we still have boxes everywhere! My scrapbook room is starting to take shape & I hope to post pics on Monday.
Have a great weekend all!

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