Monday, March 26, 2012

We are moving along

I was able to scrap a little last night after I put the kiddos in bed.   I really need to start scrapping on a regular basis.  Now that I have my room a little more put together hopefully I will be able to scrap a little bit every day.  Gone are the long chunks of time that I could devote to scrapping.  I am going to focus on getting a little done here and there, when I can spare a bit of time. 
 I had fun with this LO.  I colored the cb frame with a white water color crayon & added the blue on top.  I used a scrap of mm star pp and the bugs are mm as well.  I chose the bugs because I really don't have to many boy embellishments & the bugs' color palette seemed to go well enough.    I do call both the kids my love bug so it wasn't to far of a reach! LOL
 I have added a few more things to my walls.  As I scrap and get more use of my new space I am sure that I will continue to move things around.  My mom is going to sew a skirt for my table & we are going do try to do something with the top.  I am looking forward to working on that project & will post after pics for sure!   Half the fun is the journey & I want to fill this space with stuff I love.  I love re purposing items & giving them new life.  As soon as I get my computer area cleaned up & the doors put back on my closets I will take pics from another angle of the room!

Have a great week! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Some new critters

Here are three of the newest members of our little family.  We adopted Lola from the SPCA and she is the sweetest little girl ever!    Lola and Belle get along pretty well.  I will catch them sleeping together , so sweet!   We haven't had a cat in years and she is a wonderful addition to the family!

 The other two critters that we have added to our menagerie?  Goats.  Two Alpine males.  They are three weeks old and we are still feeding them by bottle.  Eventually we would like to get females  They are super sweet and the kids love playing with them!
 Jared is Sophia's:
 Brutus is Evan's:
Looking forward to scrapping these pics.....I wonder if I have any goat embellishments! :)