Monday, March 26, 2012

We are moving along

I was able to scrap a little last night after I put the kiddos in bed.   I really need to start scrapping on a regular basis.  Now that I have my room a little more put together hopefully I will be able to scrap a little bit every day.  Gone are the long chunks of time that I could devote to scrapping.  I am going to focus on getting a little done here and there, when I can spare a bit of time. 
 I had fun with this LO.  I colored the cb frame with a white water color crayon & added the blue on top.  I used a scrap of mm star pp and the bugs are mm as well.  I chose the bugs because I really don't have to many boy embellishments & the bugs' color palette seemed to go well enough.    I do call both the kids my love bug so it wasn't to far of a reach! LOL
 I have added a few more things to my walls.  As I scrap and get more use of my new space I am sure that I will continue to move things around.  My mom is going to sew a skirt for my table & we are going do try to do something with the top.  I am looking forward to working on that project & will post after pics for sure!   Half the fun is the journey & I want to fill this space with stuff I love.  I love re purposing items & giving them new life.  As soon as I get my computer area cleaned up & the doors put back on my closets I will take pics from another angle of the room!

Have a great week! 

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Cute layout! And he is such a cutie as well! :)
I find that is how I fit most of my scrapping in these days. Bits and pieces here and there. I usually never get more than 30 minutes and sometimes as little as 5 or 10 unless I go to a crop. But it works!

Love the color of your scrap room!