Saturday, March 12, 2011

a new adventure

Here's the site of our new home. We have had this land for several years but we are finally going to take the plunge & build! It is scary & exciting at the same time! Right now we have picked out the plans that we want to use but we still have a little tweaking to do. We are taking things one step at a time & right now we are awaiting word form the city to see if we can cut those two oaks down. They just recently passed an oak ordinance & we are the first people lucky enough to have the process go through a committee. Ugh! Any ways, I do pray that they ok the permit because those trees are smack dab where our driveway & garage are going to be! As you can see from the pic, the tree that is closest to the road is growing up through the phone lines so we are going to have a professional take care of that one. For the second we are hoping that my dad will be able to cut it down.
we truly have an adventure ahead of us! I will keep everyone posted on our progress. Till then if ya have any advice & have gone through this before...comments are always welcome!


DanaMK said...

That will be an adventure, but an exciting one! Good luck!

3 Kid Crop Shop said...

Congrats on building a new home. That is a great blessings.