Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Let's get organized

I am starting to get things organized. I am going to make an effort to post my progress. I have such a tiny scrap space that it is kind of difficult to get a half way decent photograph. I figured I would post a few photos everyday. My little creative space is a work in progress. I am constantly shifting things around. I have my glitter, stickles & some of my "go to" inks on this shelf. In the metal hanging baskets I have my Page Maps sketches, journaling tags & other misc. items

My Cricut shelf. I had been keeping it on my scrap table but it got to crowded.
My flower shelf. This shelf was an old spice rack that I repurposed. I really do love it. I am a very visual person & it is very helpful to have everything out where I can see it. Since I have such an odd shaped space I have had to store many of my supplies on the wall. I love having it all around me so I can see what I have on hand.

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