Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sights from Disney

Ok, so one of my dream days would be spent at Disneyland just me and my camera. I would capture all of the amazing details that are Disney. With our most recent trip being 5 days long you would think that I would have been able to tear off a little portion of time to do just that but, unfortunately that was not the case. With 8 kids, all adults have to be on high alert at all times! I did manage to get a few good shots though. One of our favorite rides! The Hollywood Tower of Terror. One of the cast members gave us a special fast pass so we were able to race to the front of the cool!

This is a picture of a picture...cheesy I know. But I love this shot of Walt. I can only imagine the peacefulness of the park before it opens. Walt making his morning rounds.

In DCA, I just love this sign & the clever wording.

The Indian village off of Tom Sawyer's island. The Mark Twain. I have more Disney detail pics that I will share tomorrow!

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