Saturday, January 22, 2011

placed an order

I ordered my Disney prints yesterday. I was able to narrow it down to 202 prints. I went through them several times. I was strict with myself & only ordered ones that I knew I would be scrapbooking. I have been ordering from MPix but I had a 20% off & free shipping from shutterfly so I am crossing my fingers that they turn out alright. I may still send off a few of my faves to MPix but for the lion's share I hope that Shutterfly will do alright. I was pleased with my Christmas cards through Shutterfly so we shall see.


Hello said...

Nice photo. Are you a Disneyland family too? We were blessed with passes last October. Hoping to visit again in April. Like the fact you were able to narrow your photos to 202. That is sooo hard for me also.


andi said...

Carol, we love Disneyland. We try to go every other year. We did Disneyworld in 2009. I came sooo close to uprading my ticket to a season pass but we really don't live close enough. Have fun in April, hopefully Little Mermaid will be open by then!