Monday, October 22, 2012

My Ever Evolving Scrap Space

Aside from the fact that I am unpacking more of my supplies, I think that the most recent addition to my scrap space is the skirt and glass table top for my crafting table.  Now I can hide supplies down there and no one will know...well, not from the front anyways! 
 Here is another angle.  I hope to add a cork board soon but I haven't found the right one yet.

                                                                      Cricut storage.
                                               Another angle and view of my craft table.

My space hasn't changed that much but as I work in it I am finding out what works and doesn't work as far as placement goes.  Love the evolution of it all.  One of these days I will take pics of the other side of the room.  The computer sits in the other corner and there is a closet along the other wall.  Since we don't have a closet in our room our clothes are in it but hopefully will house more scrapbooking supplies.  A girl can dream!

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