Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"The boys"

Even though there are 4 boy cousins, when we talk about "the boys" we mean: Evan & Logan. They are mere months apart in age & nearly the same height (Logan's hair is a little fluffier) Had fun catching some images of the two guys together! Logan, my brother's son. I kids you not, he is a mini version of Pat!
I did alot in PSE to this shot. I have been playing around & just having fun with different styles. I love the look of this pic. Sepia w/ a burst of color.

This shot is a little different, I love the color & texture in the jeans. Evan looks so much blonder, I may play around with it a little more to darken it up. I have been trying to download some PSE actions but so far I have not had much luck. I love the idea of actions but have yet to actually try them. Hoping today I will have a break through. I have watched several tutorials. I had minor success this morning w/ a sharpening action but I haven't needed to use it yet & it isn't big & flashy like some of the other actions. I am hoping though, that I have figured out what I am doing & I can build on it for other actions. So far I have only tried free actions, I don't want to pay for any until at least I know how to load them!

The boy on a rock. Such great this place! I will post more pics from this amazing spot another it!

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