Thursday, August 26, 2010

First week of school

Evan is loving preschool! He is so tired after his class, poor guy's used to a little nap during the day! Here we have the yearly porch shot. He doesn't look excited but he is. He has been wearing that back pack since his Grandma bought it for him, silly goose!
Here's the girl, so excited to get going & see all of her friends. This year she is lucky enough to have all her besties in class with her. All of them were in Kindergarten together too! I just pray that the fourth grade girly drama is kept to a minimum!

Looking forward to the schedule to settle back in so I can get some sort of normal routine going. It turns out that I will have about an hour & a half of daily free time. I am looking forward to all of the projects, books, friends, photos & everything else that that extra mommy time will provide!

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