Friday, August 6, 2010

Missing the beach. We had such a great time on our many wonderful memories & hundreds of pictures to prove it! LOL Between my sister & I we took over 800 pics. I tried to be brutal with my deleting, but I still managed to have a ton! I just placed an on-line order for a portion of them. Even though I focused on a few of the events to order this order was for 227 prints. That's about half (maybe less than half)! I am trying a new photo processor so I didn't want to order the whole enchilada just in case I am not pleased w/the way they turn out. Hopefully there won't be an be an issue, I have heard excellent things about them. This is one of my fav. shots. Erica took it & it was way over exposed but I played around in PSE & I actually kinda like how it turned out! Watcha think?

I really like the texture in this one. Always love shots with the pier in the background. Most of the shots at the beach were taken by my sister because I was always in the ocean boogie boarding.

Summer is wrapping up & soon the fall will be upon us. I am making a promise to myself to savor the last brief moments of summer!

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Lori Robinett said...

Love that first pic especially. Great action shot. We went to the beach last month . . . and your post really resonated with me.