Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Halloween?

Going through the pile of photos on my desk and  I found a few pictures from this most recent Halloween. I didn't take very many so I only had enough for two single layouts.  The first one is of me. I was Effie Trinket from Hunger Games  for Halloween. I generally try to be a character from a book and thankfully my cousin had the wig from her costume last year. 
 I went non traditional with this layout and tried to stay true to my Effie Trinket costume. I went bright, bold & fun.  I was able to use patterned paper from multiple companies and go a little wilder than I generally do.  It was a fun layout to create! Love all of the patterns and textures.
 The three pictures of the kids that I managed to get.  Went much more traditional with this layout.
 Used MME almost exclusively.  Got a great deal on everything at Micheal's after Halloween & found it all on clearance. Love getting a great deal on scrapbook supplies!
 This pics are not as clear as I would have hoped. It has been raining like crazy and it finally let up enough for me to get my layouts photographed.

Another close up, really love this product! I think that MME is rapidly becoming my new favorite  go to product line. 
Thanks for  stopping by. Have fun creating and remember the joy is in the journey. 

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