Saturday, February 2, 2013

One page or two?

One of the dilemmas that I face with my scrapbooking is whether I want to do a double or a single page layout.  I used to be a die hard double page girl but after moving and carting all of those albums to the new house, I decided that  maybe I should rethink things!  So, I forced myself to pick only my favorite photos and streamline my layouts so they are mostly singles.  I still do the occasional double but for the most part I stick with singles.  They take up less space that way and I am still recording the memories!
 For the above LO I had 5 pictures that I wanted to use.  I toyed with the notion of creating a 2 pager but I decided that I could fit them all on to one.  I am happy with the way things turned out.  The title is difficult to see in the picture here  but it says:  Riding the Rails.  We rode the train about a hundred times this last trip!
I am in love with this washi tape!  The tape measure motif goes with so many of my LOs.....a new favorite!
Have a great weekend all!

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