Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My little scrappy space

Spent a little time yesterday cleaning up my space. 
 The above is my computer desk that I hope to paint black very soon. The  shelf houses my Boyd's Bear collection. I don't actively collect them anymore but  I  am not willing to part with them.  The valence above the door matches the skirt on my table.
 I know that I have posted this angle many times before , just moved a few things around.  Not much new here. To the left of that cabinet is the door to my bathroom.  It's kind of handy having a bathroom in my scrapbook room, especially the sink!
 Another angle just to give you a feel. plus a glimpse at what hides under the table. Hopefully you get an idea of how I keep almost everything within arms reach.
 My Washi tape storage and stray ribbons.  I have my favorite "go to" ribbons on the top plate.
I keep a few odds and ends on this mug rack.  I like to keep my stuff visible so I remember what I have.

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