Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Closer Look

I spent Monday organizing in my scrapbook room.  Every once in awhile ya just gotta go through everything: sort, purge and rediscover! My scrapbook room is ever evolving and I am always looking for a better way to sort and store my goodies.  I am always reorganizing and rethinking my creative process to see what works best.  Part of the problem that I have is that once I put it away...I sometimes forget about it.  I rediscovered some gems!
 I love these drawers but I have a tendency to just shove stuff in them despite the fact that I had most of the drawers clearly labeled.  Now, this is one of my least favorite things to organize because it can be time consuming.  I too all 20 drawers out into the living room and set to work purging.  I rethought my current organization and reevaluated my scrapbook process to see what made the most sense.  I decided to create the following categories:
Quotes, phrases and words
frames, tags & punches
Chipboard Letters
letters (sticker etc)
3D stickers & rub ons
journal spots
Chipboard shapes (2 drawers worth)
felt, fabric etc.
misc. embellishments
So far so good. 
 I absolutely love this piece.  It was once a spice rack but I painted it black and re-purposed it.  I keep it within arms reach over my desk so I can easily reach all of my treasures!
A rare glimpse inside the white cabinet.  I actually went through my paper and got rid of a few hundred sheets of paper (mostly older paper pads).  I haven't even gone through my cropper hoppers of single sheets yet. I still have some organizing to do but I am off to a good start!
Have a great day!

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